40 Years of Amazing Memories!

In 2021 we celebrated 40 years of amazing concerts…

Lots of concert goers have shared their inspiring memories with us. Below is just a small selection…

Thin Lizzy - 1981Thin Lizzy – 1981

Being among the first to run down the hill to get a good spot at the front for Rose Tattoo. What a great day at an iconic venue. Also there for Queen, Bowie, U2 & Guns n Roses.
Paul F

On a personal note, the Queen Concert on July 5th 1986 will stay with me for ever as I did MC on the day. I am for ever greatful to the late Jim Aiken (RIP) who was promoter of the event. I approached him with the idea and he went for it seeing as I am local.

Appearing in front of 90,000 people was somewhat daunting but all went well on the day. The girls in The Bangles were quite friendly too!
Ken M

Bruce Springsteen - 1985Bruce Springsteen – 1985

One word: AMAZING!
Now living in Sydney.
The Romance Continues! 8.8.88
Mary B

My greatest memory of that fabulous concert was carrying my girlfried for over a mile after she broke her ankle dancing to the song “Dancing in the Dark” – she is now my wife!
Paddy L

REM - 1995REM – 1995

This my first ever concert, the weather was amazing and we had a fantastic day.
Eveleen W

This concert! ❤️ Sun was shining, surrounded by friends, REM singing ALL their hits….and then at twilight, everyone lit a flame and held it up and Michael Stipe told us all up the front to turn around…. goosebumps!
REM for Slane 2022! ????????
Cariona T

Metallica - 2019Metallica – 2019

Magical day in the pit for Ghost & Metallica ????♥️
Catherine L

Ghost and Metallica. What a day
Eileen S

Guns n’ Roses - 1992Guns n’ Roses – 1992

I’ve been to many Slane concerts but Guns n Roses 1992 is my most memorable because it was my 1st Slane and my 1st with my then boyfriend who is now my husband.
I remember seeing Slash walk out with hus iconic hat, he was like a rock God, Axels raspy voice was everything I hoped for. The sun was shining, which is hit and miss because we’ve got soaked at Slane since, but that adds to memories. I’m addicted to concerts since Slane 1992. Music is a therapy and Slane is a mecca. I adore Slane.
Roisin N

A brilliant weekend
Damian B

Bowie - 1987Bowie – 1987

David Bowie the legend live at Slane,
Doesn’t get much better than this.
Peter M