Posted on 23rd April 2022

As the weather remains glorious and the blue skies intensify the green of the fast growing grass, I search for something trivial to focus on to distract me from thinking of the War. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex fits the bill. I was told some years ago by somebody, who should have been more discreet, that he was going to be a problem for the Royal Family. Well, he has certainly lived up to that expectation, helped by his actress American wife Megan. 

Slane Castle

Prince Harry has by all accounts now deserted the House of Windsor to join the House of Netflix for a sum involving millions of dollars. So his primary objective these days is to bolster what remains of his Royal connections for promotional purposes. Hence during an interview with NBC Breakfast Show with Hoda Kotb talking of his relationship with the Queen, he says “ We have a really special relationship, we talk about things that she can’t talk about to anybody else”. What delusional tosh. He is trying to prop up his own significance. Maybe he has watched too many episodes of Game of Thrones and he has imagined himself into the role of the Queen’s hand. During the interview he was given a golden opportunity to try and repair the damage he has inflicted on his relationships with Prince Charles and Prince William when he was asked whether he missed them. He dodged the question. It is understood that the Duke and Duchess of Netflix will be able to participate in the Queen’s Jubilee but merely as family members. It seems that they may be allowed to appear on the famous balcony but distinctly down the pecking order, unlike the Earl and Countess of Wessex who are exemplary examples of hard working Royals. Prince Harry has damaged his relationship with the British public. It is a shame because the Invictus Games is a worthy project and he served well in Afghanistan and was popular with his men. I may be wrong but playing the Duke of Netflix will hit a sell-by date and those dollars will not feed the soul.

Now to some really good news. The United Arab Emirates have frozen the assets of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group. It means they can no longer enjoy life in their bolt hole in Dubai where Christy Kinahan Snr has been living for years, joined recently by his son, Daniel and Christy Jnr. This includes personal and corporate bank accounts. Combined with the $5 million reward for information leading to their conviction issued early this week by the U.S. authorities I would think that they and their close associates would be feeling deeply insecure. It is also likely that their days in Dubai are numbered. Where could they go ? Peru perhaps but they also face restrictions on travel. So finally the net is closing in and not before time. Speaking on RTE News, Justice Minister Helen McEntee said it “ has sent a clear signal that nobody is out of reach of the law”. True certainly but I would like to see them behind bars.

Finally to the War. I salute the bravery of those soldiers holding out against overwhelming odds in Mariupol. I do not salute the Germans who are still buying oil and gas from the Russians and are too slow in providing arms.

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