Posted on 20th November 2021

Slane Castle

I must admit to an utter sense of exasperation with both the Government and the HSE.  Why do we have to be behind the curve when it comes to dealing with boosters.  The evidence was there if they cared to look.  In plain English, get those jabs into arms as fast as possible, be it 4, 5 or 6 months since the last one.  This more than any other measure will stop the surge.  Yes, personal responsibility is important.  I have reverted to almost living in a cocoon pattern of behaviour.  The disease is rampant in the community and I have heard several reports of an upsurge in cases in nearby Drogheda.  So when you hear the M.O. Tony Holohan asking you to restrict your movements I suggest you pay attention.  Of course, central to all of this is the number of ICU beds available.  Many of those are occupied by people who were unvaccinated when they caught Covid.  In truth I regard those who have failed to get a vaccine to be irresponsible members of society.  Their movements should be severely restricted.  This means that hospitality venues should be regularly checked to see they are scrutinising vaccine certs.  It is disappointing to hear that visits from the HSE are thin on the ground.  If that sounds too much like a nanny state just picture what is going to happen if we run out of ICU beds.   Where then are the unfortunate patients, perhaps gasping for air, to be treated ?

I have some sympathy for the Taoiseach.  It can’t be easy being Head of Government in a pandemic.  However, to address the nation and the highlight of your statement is the closing of Night Clubs when they are about to open just looks somewhat ridiculous.  He should instead be moving heaven and earth getting those booster jabs delivered pronto and insuring there is no mixed messaging.  Otherwise this coming Christmas is going to be as “meaningful” as the last.

Have any of you noticed other commentators latching onto the rise in significance of Helen McEntee in Fine Gael ranks. Blue Shirts and even supporters of the Soldiers of Destiny are looking for the development of a third way to counter the rise of Sinn Fein.  Leo the Leak is increasingly viewed as a busted flush and until the likes of Jim O’Callaghan replaces the Taoiseach, Fianna Fail will drift.  The Minister from Co. Meath will give Mary Lou a run for her money.

Beyond the surge, another matter is very unsettling.  Putin has amassed 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border.  American and British intelligence have made electronic intercepts which indicate a “high probability” of an attack this winter, led by the kind of special forces that were deployed in the Crimea.  Combine this with his ability to cut off or reduce the supply of gas to Europe.  Remember that Angela Merkel is retiring and that Joe Biden displaced ineptitude over the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  From the Kremlin’s perspective it could be an ideal time to pounce.  We could all be in for a very tense Christmas.

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