Share your favourite memories of Slane “Some Memories are Louder than Others”

Posted on 13th August 2021

Slane Castle

Slane concert memories

What’s your outstanding memory of a concert at Slane?

Did you meet your rock idol? Or maybe the love of your life.

Was it your first concert ever? Or maybe your last?

Whose autograph did you get? Go on, you can tell us, we won’t tell anyone … honest

Everyone who has attended a concert at Slane has their own vivid and very personal memories. “Some Memories are Louder than Others” will collect and share these through the Slane Castle website. You’ll be able to upload your own and browse through the fascinating labyrinth of other people’s Slane reminiscences. You can upload text or photographs, or both.

We all love sharing memories and hearing about other people’s recollections. We asked Dave Fanning from RTE, who was the stage announcer at the very first gig 40 years ago, what his memory was. He told us about seeing the great Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy arriving in a helicopter – that was back in the days when nobody travelled in a chopper. Nobody except Philo that is.

There’s something about a Slane concert that’s special. Different than any other concert. We want to gather together all those special memories and never let them be forgotten. Make sure your memories aren’t left out.

Share your memories #SlaneRocks

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