Posted on 13th March 2021

Slane Castle

To be honest, I heard on good authority many years ago that Prince Harry had issues that both he and his family were going to have difficulties dealing with and I was delighted when he served so successfully in the British Army.  Then things were simmering beneath the surface, boiling away underneath.  However, he had one relationship which was then rock solid, with his brother Prince William.  William married Kate Middleton, the relationship continued and in fact it blossomed as Kate became almost like a sister.  The beaming photos were there for all to see.  There was another dimension to all of this.  Kate knew the score, knew what it was going to be like marrying into the firm.  Indeed, the Middleton family learnt how to play the part.  She will make a great Queen.  Then with his issues, Harry met and fell in love with an actress who starred in a TV show called “Suits”.  She was in my view from the beginning unsuited for the role because she has not helped him heal.

Now to the Interview.  I consider it hypocritical if you are so concerned about your privacy and security that you then do an interview which has been viewed by 50 million people globally.  As for the interview itself and all this stuff about her son Archie’s title or lack thereof, Meghan was talking baloney.  Take Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.  Do her children have titles ?  No.  Then the most damaging slur of all, that an unidentified member of the Royal Family wondered what colour their child’s skin might be.  This looks so pre-rehearsed and Oprah Winfrey’s wide-eyed horror amplified the damage.  This has hurled the most potentially dangerous allegations against the Royal Family.  They are all racially prejudiced.  Now in multi-racial and multi-cultured Britain, there are many mixed marriages – wondering aloud about the colour of a child’s skin in such circumstances is hardly an unusual event.  It just looked to me as if the issue was raised in such a manner so it would cause the maximum damage.  I’m afraid I also don’t buy into this story that there was not the support there to help the Duchess.  In fact, the Palace understood how important it was to help them be a success and the A- team was put in place.  All in all, the interview was a most unedifying spectacle and the fact that it was broadcast when Harry’s grandfather, the 99 year old Duke of Edinburgh, was recuperating in hospital was grossly insensitive.  God help the Queen.

From the Royal soap opera to the future of our island.  Sinn Fein have chosen this moment in time to push for a border poll by running a series of adverts in U.S. papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times, saying “ With your support you can be the first generation of Americans to visit a free and united Ireland”.  Well for the record our Republic is free and is now the right time to push for a poll when circumstances in the North are still at a very delicate stage as a result of the fall-out from the Northern Ireland protocol ?

They should remember that you cannot unite the island unless first you unite its people.  Above all else peace comes first.

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