Posted on 16th November 2019

Slane Castle

I’ve been in hospital this week and had a chance to reflect a little.  One of the things that cheered me up was getting a phone call from my two grandsons in Slane and the other was a somewhat one way conversation with my granddaughter in the U.K.   She is very young.  They keep me focused on one issue, Climate Change.  Floods in Venice and the UK, wildfires in California and Australia.  This is happening on an unprecedented scale.  This is only going to get worse.  This is their future.

We already see the economic consequences.  You need look no further than the Midlands and the very difficult future facing those who have worked for Bord na Mona.  Our government really need to grasp the enormity of the problems we face.  For example, have we even begun to harness the wave energy off our Atlantic Coast ?  It is all very well encouraging farmers to plant trees but what we need is a complete revision of our economy away from a dependence on fossil fuels.  That means oil, petrol, diesel and heating oil.  I gasp when I even think about it as I know we are all so dependent on those products.  Do not lose heart, it will be challenging but with the radical changes that must take place, there will be opportunities, new jobs and new industries, but we do need a political class capable of stepping up to the plate to provide the leadership that is going to be required to deal with such tasks. In the run into the next election, have a good look at the candidates and ask yourself, do they fit the role required.  As for me, I shall probably be looking for a Green or somebody with green credentials.  What they said on Facebook or Twitter years ago will have no bearing on the matter !  It is also possible that we may need politicians who have the guts to look closely at what may happen in the UK.  If the Tories win an overall majority, it is likely they may adopt nuclear fusion.  It produces no carbon and no waste.  It might be a partial solution for us.  So come the next election, look to the future and see if amongst those offering themselves up to represent us are those that have due regard for those that are not yet on the electoral register.  Amongst them are my grandchildren.  If they do, they will get my vote.

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