Kenny not get handle on Brexit

Posted on 5th November 2016

Slane Castle

Sometimes I just get plain mad and like a lot of people need to vent my frustration, so this week I’m just going to let rip. So let me start with Brexit. I simply do not understand why the Taoiseach is so reluctant to appoint a Cabinet Minister, or at least a Super Junior, to deal with the complexities of all of this. What in God’s name is inhibiting him ? Is he frightened of a reshuffle ? Is he such a control freak that he thinks he can handle it himself ? Enda Kenny held onto office after the last election by the skin of his teeth. The majority of the members of his own party feel he should hand over the reins. At this most serious juncture in the nation’s history we require some real courage and vision at the centre of government. If he is not prepared to give it he should stand aside. I am heartily sick of assemblies and talking shops. I want to see action and believe me I am not the only one. I am, like most citizens of this State, greatly relieved that the Garda strike is off. The fact that this was even a possibility dismays me, most particularly because in my life I have so often seen the extraordinary work that some members of the force undertake. They ain’t perfect but they do command respect. What the current scenario does is undermines that very trust. Now to the optics? What in the blazes was the Garda Commissioner doing swanning off to a conference in San Diego in the midst of this crisis? As to the Minister for Justice, her approach has appeared far too lackadaisical. Did you know that she has yet to appoint a new General Secretary to her Department. This government seems to lack a sense of urgency in dealing with the major problems the nation faces. Of course, what I can’t ignore this week is the U.S. Presidential Election. It really is Gubu Max 10. You can’t make this stuff up. To have what is on Anthony Weiner’s computer possibly sway the election is beyond bizarre. The former Congressman, now openly called a “pervert” in Trump’s latest ad could, because of his wife’s links to Hillary, be instrumental in swinging the election. Quite frankly I feel sick. Strangely enough, both Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, who is Hillary Clinton’s closest aide have been to the castle. I found her both beautiful and charming and him abrasive but interesting. However, one cannot escape the fact that both candidates for the Presidency are deeply flawed. Whoever wins faces a deeply divided nation. Both face legal difficulties. This week it really is God Save America.

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