Posted on 6th June 2020

Slane Castle

As Covid-19 continues to kill thousands around the world, leaving a trail of economic destruction in its wake, people are left feeling bewildered by it all, and rightly wondering how in the hell did this all happen.  Well now we might have an answer.  A former Head of M16 called Sir Richard Dearlove – no, I’m not making it up, it really is his name –  claimed in an interview in the Daily Telegraph that the virus was man-made and may have escaped from a lab in Wuhan. More provocatively, he has raised the question that should the Chinese ever admit responsibility, should they pay reparations ?   That would make for some awkward conversations with Chinese Ambassadors around the world.  To be honest, this all leaves me feeling a little queasy but I do fully support the Australian P.M.’s call for the WHO with “weapons inspector” powers to investigate the origins of Covid-19.  The world needs to know the truth.  I have watched as the Chinese have created vast concentration camps for the Uighur population and making moves to destroy democracy in Hong Kong.  Frankly, nothing would surprise me.

Watching events unfold in America fill me with hope and despair.  Did the thousands gathering in cities all over America to remember George Floyd not realise that the killer virus stalked the land ?  Yes, many wore masks but social distancing was virtually non-existent.  I just pray that not too many paid the price.  The virus is on the rise in 19 States as I write.  If that induced despair, the rest brought hope.  That burning wish that the dangerous narcissistic buffoon that occupies the White House is ousted in November.  Misusing the military was a bridge too far.  You can see that by the former very senior members of the Defence Forces coming out against him.  They must have been aghast because here was a President who by his actions threatened to drive a wedge between them and the people.  At last Joe Biden is fired up.  He has come out of his bunker in Delaware.  However, he lacks charisma and youthful vigour.  He needs to choose a Vice President like Kamala Harris, the Junior Senator from California.  In recent days she has described Trump as an “Emperor with no clothes”, “spewing hate and division and chaos”.  She is bright and articulate and from a Jamaican and Indian ancestry.  She is also at 56, over 20 years younger than Joe Biden.  If he were to put her on the ticket now, it would enable him to add some real impetus to his campaign.  It might just convince sufficient numbers of people that you were getting a bit more than Steady Old Joe, and if, God forbid, he should keel over, there was somebody competent to take over.

So, here we are, still with no damn government.  I don’t know about you, but my patience is beginning to wear a little thin.  It has been blindingly obvious since immediately after the election that an FF/FG/Green coalition was the only game in town, but we had to endure all that ritual stuff.  Then it was blindingly obvious that agriculture and the Green’s demand for a 7% carbon reduction was going to be the problem.  So why didn’t they start talking about it right away.  No, they dealt with the “low-hanging fruit” and how many Ministers and seats in the Senate and perks would each get.  Let’s have an election.

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