Posted on 30th May 2020

Slane Castle

Thank God for this glorious weather.  Otherwise I think I would fall into a state of gloom.  The Concert business has fallen off a cliff and the hospitality sector has been decimated.  No wonder when I say my prayers, and I do, a vaccine features prominently.

I have been following the debate over the 2 metre rule closely and have even asked those I respect in the medical profession – bottom line, 2 metres is safe.  Sometimes we need to remember this virus is a killer.  Complacency is dangerous.

Now I feel better having got that heavy stuff off my chest because the truth of the matter is we all need to vent our inner feelings, even if it is our fears and anxieties.  However, and this is the most important thing of all, to try and retain a sense of humour.  In my case, I try to take the piss out of myself, if not with my circle of friends and family, there are many who will happily do it.

For no particular reason this brings me to Boris Johnson’s special advisor Dominic Cummings.  To put it bluntly the British media smell blood.  They think they can take this arrogant bastard down and as such inflict damage on the Prime Minister.  I have had a flurry of emails from friends equally excited by the prospect.  I have read an interpretation of Laurel and Hardy entitled Immoral & Lardy and the same notable wit started the exchange with an image of a Dominic Cummings Lockdown Tour T-shirt LONDON TO DURHAM etc.  I hate to disappoint them all but I don’t think Boris’s Svengali is going anywhere soon.  He has been an essential component in Boris’s extraordinary political journey from being the mastermind behind the Leave campaign with its winning slogan “TAKE BACK CONTROL”.  He was the chief strategist behind Brexit and Boris’s stunning election victory.  It is entirely feasible that the Prime Minister considers that he owes his premiership to Mr. Cummings.  Whether one likes him or not, he is an intriguing figure who has made himself pretty indispensable to the Prime Minister.  He is also a radical with nerves of steel.  I reckon he will be around for sometime to come.  They will ride out the storm.

If the Cummings’s affair has produced some political amusement, the other major butt of jokes flying around has provided profound shock.  Serial liar, Donald Trump, whose daily barrage on Twitter frequently distorts the truth, was this week called out.  On Tuesday Twitter attached fact-checking labels to two of his tweets.  Trump has re-acted with fury, threatening to regulate Facebook, Google and Twitter by executive order.  This has naturally stirred up a hornet’s nest about freedom of speech.  I have made no secret about my growing revulsion with Trump’s behaviour.  As people die by the thousands he continues this pathetic nonsense about masks.  His attempt to portray wearing a mask as weak is not only pathetic but dangerous.  As President he is supposed to lead by example.  At long last this has drawn Joe Biden out of his bunker wearing a mask and calling the President a fool.

Meanwhile, here we still don’t have a government.  Shame on those responsible.  There will be a winter of discontent.

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