Posted on 18th May 2019

Slane Castle

On Thursday morning I listened to people arguing on the radio about the impending visit by the President of the United States.  Thank God this is a private visit to his property in Doonbeg which it is rumoured is significantly funded by Russian money.  If it was an official visit a conflict arises because I believe a majority of the Irish people think he is an odious man but they also respect the office of the President of the United States.  I share that view and moreover I understand the economic benefits that the investment at Doonbeg has brought to the people in West County Clare.  One caller to RTE provided a very sensible approach to the matter by saying we should ignore it.  I think this is the right approach apart from the fact that it might coincide with Metallica’s visit to Slane.  So, I will be keeping my Truck Frump poster for his official visit.

Next week brings the European elections and I am finding it hard to get excited about them even if they are important.  However, the really intriguing aspect to all of this is what is happening in the U.K. with the phenomenal rise of the Brexit Party in the polls.  If this translates into seats on Election Day it will, as predicted by Tory M.P. Mark Francois, hit the Conservative Party like a “Tzunami”.  Already there are convulsions with Theresa May forced into producing a timetable for her departure.  If she had any sense she would go, as increasingly she is perceived as the worst British Prime Minister since Lord North, and he lost the American colonies.  So for now what goes on across the water has deep significance because on Thursday Boris Johnson announced that he would stand for the leadership of the Tory party.  If the Tories have any sense they will choose him because in my view he is the one candidate that can rescue them from annihilation.  I do not regard him as a buffoon.  He has real charisma and was viewed as a very successful Lord Mayor of London.  He might have had a more chequered career as Foreign Secretary but it still meant he has held one of the great offices of state in the U.K.  Most importantly he has credibility in relation to Brexit because he actually resigned as a point of principle.  Yes, he has cosied up to the DUP but that might be an essential component in being able to form a government.  UK Politics is beginning to resemble a political Game of Thrones and I’m putting my money on Boris for the Iron Throne.

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