Posted on 28th July 2018

Slane Castle

Sometimes the answer to problems are staring us in the face and in this case it is the answer to the housing crisis.  We need to build more houses – by all accounts 45,000 new units over the next three years.  The government is failing to grasp the nettle.  They have to get down in the trenches and get geared up for the direct provision of new public housing on publicly owned land.  These must be affordable.  I am sick and tired of the endless schemes that the hapless Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy trots out.  The latest farce being when he was directly challenged by his ministerial colleague Catherine Byrne.  If Eoghan Murphy wants to really get the attention he craves he should run with this ball.   It would be a bold and radical move that would probably astonish the soldiers of destiny.  Then maybe it is too much to ask of someone who seems to be more preoccupied by endless photo opportunities.  It is nothing short of a national disgrace that when the economy is running so well we have this growing crisis, which is eating away at the core of our society.  I live in hope.

Next to the Park.  Looks like Michael D. is going to stroll back into the Aras but not without a challenge from Sinn Fein.  Personally speaking I think it disgraceful that neither of the 2 main parties are fielding a candidate but in the case of Fianna Fail it is a serious strategic mistake because they are missing an opportunity to be up there in lights and differentiate themselves from Fine Gael.  Sinn Fein will milk the campaign for what it is worth and broaden their electoral base.  So what of Michael D –  is he vulnerable ?  Well one weakness is his lack of judgement and fondness for South American dictators.  I was appalled when as our President he described Fidel Castro of Cuba on his death as a “giant among global leaders whose view was not only one of freedom for his people but for all the oppressed and excluded peoples on the planet”.  Castro was a dictator who oppressed his people and amassed a great fortune in the process.  One of our President’s other pals is Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua, whose visit to Ireland in 1989 was organised by Michael D.  On that occasion, much to the shock of those who observed it, he escorted him into the Dail with El Presidente wearing full battle fatigues.  He is a highly controversial figure, described by his own brother as a “Bloody Dictator”.  Does the President intend to invite him to the Aras if he gets a second term ?

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