Posted on 9th June 2018

Slane Castle

Wow, I can hardly wait.  Next week Donald Trump, described recently by the Mayor of Philadelphia, as a “fragile egomaniac”, meets his new found pen-pal “Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea.  The location is a tiny island adjacent to Singapore.  It seems ideal, as it has been described by travel writer Max Davidson as a “grimly Disney-like resort, with in-your-face leisure attractions that bring an unwelcome hint of Florida to South-East Asia”.  It even sports two golf courses and a branch of Madame Tussauds.  I cannot think of a location more suitable for a meeting between probably the most vulgar and boorish occupant of the White House ever with the wily and ruthless young dictator.  Perhaps the real motivation is to get their respective waxworks into Madame Tussauds, and then have them mass produced in the Far East as scary dolls for next year’s Halloween.

In truth I do not hold out great hopes for these talks but despite my disdain for the manner in which the U.S. President conducts his foreign policy, one can but pray that this is at least a move towards peace on the Korean Peninsula.  However, this is going to be a summit with a difference.  For starters Denis Rodham, the US basketball star, who seems to have established himself as some sort of confidant to Kim Jong-un, will be in attendance.  Trump should be thankful that it is not NBA star Lebron  James who will be there because he has stated that he wouldn’t be seen dead in the White House.  Realistically the best one can hope for is a lot of symbolism.  After all, they have to flog off all those commemorative medals they have cast.  Beyond that, it is difficult to see a significant breakthrough, as Kim Jong-un will be reluctant to hand over his nuclear arsenal after the U.S. Vice President high-lighted the fate of Gaddafi.  Protecting the regime comes above all else.  We shall see.

Like a lot of people this week I have been enjoying the sunshine, sitting on a deck-chair watching the birds and the butterflies fly by and when my mind turns to politics, looking on with wry amusement at the dance between the big parties.  However, first to Shane Ross.  Is he the Minister for Justice ?  Of course not, but why then do we continue to have his “dog’s dinner” of a judicial appointment bill being shoved through the Oireachtas.  This is flawed legislation.  Anyone with a modicum of sense knows it.  If Fine Gael want to show that they still have respect for the institutions of this state, they should withdraw this bill and if Ross isn’t happy, he should resign.  If this caused an election at least the Taoiseach could argue he was defending the interests of the State.

This, of course, brings me to the cosying up to Fine Gael by Sinn Fein.  I am told it is quite a spectacle to observe in the Dail almost as if it is in anticipation of the formation of the next government.  FGSF  –  get used to it, as it is just around the corner.  Of course some Blue Shirts are aghast.  Who then protects the State ?

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