Posted on 12th June 2021

Slane Castle

As many await the report from the U.S. Government on UFO’s, it now transpires that a radio telescope in British Colombia has detected a series of mysterious fast radio bursts that have been sent to the earth from far out in the universe.  Now a distinguished Professor from Harvard, Avi Loeb, a theoretical physicist who is a specialist in astrophysics and cosmology has suggested that we cannot dismiss the possibility that these radio bursts were sent by other civilisations.  Loeb is a controversial figure and author of “Extra-Terrestrial, the first sign of intelligent life beyond earth” published early this year.  It explains the detection of “Oumuamua” the first known object to pass through the solar system.  Loeb argues that it was an “extra-Terrestrial artefact” a theory rejected by other scientists.  In June 2020 Loeb was sworn in as a member of the U.S. President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.  It seems to me that at least in the highest levels of U.S. Government the possibility that we are being visited by alien civilisations is being considered.  I say why the hell not.  I’m not a scientist but I would think it a very arrogant assumption that us humans are the sole occupants of the universe.  For years I have carried the images in my head of the strange object I saw in the night sky at Sutton Place near Guildford in the U.K. I no longer feel hesitant talking about it.  I do not have an explanation but I no longer dismiss the possibility that it might have been from an alien civilisation.    Yes, it is hard to wrap one’s head around that one.  The sooner this report is published the better and let us hope none of it is redacted.

From Inter-Galactic  matters it seems an awful thud to come to the N.I. Protocol or the ‘Sausage Wars’ as it is called in some quarters.  What would an alien life form make of such a dispute.   Increasingly I feel it should be up to the Irish and British governments to sort this out, as the EU is perceived as such an inflexible entity.  I know that cannot be the case but it is a view I am forming.  For example on Thursday the Daily Telegraph ran an opinion piece by Alistair Heath, one of the paper’s columnists, with the banner headline “ The Imperial EU is blind to the folly of its unequal N.I. Treaty”.  It was a very hostile piece and an illustration of the increasing heat surrounding the Protocol.  Now President Biden has weighed in and there is almost glee in some sections of the media at the fact that the U.S. have issued a formal rebuke to the British Government.  Everyone sings vacuously that they support the Good Friday Agreement.  A solution to this has to be found, preferably before the Marching Season.  Let us hope that somebody can find a way of dealing with the N.I. Sausage.

On Thursday night, there was an open air concert in the Iveagh Gardens but conducted under severe restrictions, in one instance I think a pod of one.  Compare this to Barcelona or Liverpool. Why are the authorities being so unimaginative? Why no antigen testing?  Is the Government serious at about supporting the industry?

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