Posted on 3rd December 2020

Slane Castle

So who is going to cry “Woulfe” –  Alan Kelly for Labour or Mary Lou for Sinn Fein ?   This carry-on about the Attorney General who was appointed to the Supreme Court without ever sitting on the bench ain’t going away.  Seamus Woulfe must be cursing the day he attended the Golf Dinner that terminated the careers of the Agricultural Minister and the E.U. Commissioner Phil Hogan.  Otherwise he might have slipped under a blue curtain onto the benches of the highest court in the land.  So what was so special about Seamus that saw him sail past others, perhaps better qualified, to such an exalted position.  He is a Blue Shirt and would be considered an activist in Dublin Bay North.  It is understood Richard Bruton recommended him to Leo for Attorney General.  The man is not without merit.  He described Shane Ross’s bill to reform judicial appointments as a “Dog’s Dinner”, but one would now have to say that appointments to the Supreme Court are a “Golf Dinner”.  The problem with all of this is that it looks like a classic stitch-up.  Seamus Woulfe knew who were the other Judges interested in the position.  After all they had to tell him.  Leo almost certainly knew.  Nod nod, wink wink, past Helen McEntee and into the Cabinet goes Seamus’s name.  Job done and all would be fine bar a gross misjudgement not befitting a Supreme Court Judge by attending that ill-fated dinner in Clifden.  Do we have a right to know the identities of the other candidates.  Absolutely, most particularly because Seamus Woulfe by his behaviour has shown himself unworthy of the position.  So one way or another the Minister for Justice will be forced to answer questions on the matter.

From matters legal to matters of life and death.  I remain truly shocked by Donald Trump’s behaviour in refusing to accept defeat.  What a dangerous narcissist remains stuck in his White house bunker.  By blocking Biden’s teams access to data on Covid-19 he will add to the crisis and to the deaths.  This is a crime against the American people.  By his attempts to subvert the electoral process he is undermining democracy itself.  What he is currently attempting to do is in essence to interfere in the Electoral College.  Parallel to this he is whipping up his base into the belief that the whole election was a massive fraud , further dividing the American people.  Not content to confining himself to domestic affairs, he is seeking to create problems abroad.  Against best advice, he has ordered troop withdrawals in Afghanistan and there are rumours that he has considered strikes against Iran.  This is a vindictive and unstable man totally unsuited to be President.  I count the days until January 20th.

Meanwhile, the Brexit clock ticks, with Fisheries as I predicted many months ago proving to be the most slippery to handle.  Now adding to the pressure, one of the E.U’s negotiating team has tested positive for Covid.  Michel Barnier, the EU Chief Negotiator, who is in self-isolation, has now closed down the talks.  Brexit is just jinxed.


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