Posted on 5th October 2020

Slane Castle

It is a shame when a public figure like former Commissioner Hogan hasn’t the good sense to realise that he was the primary cause of his own misfortune instead of moaning about a lack of due process, the media, or other perceived enemies.  So a period of silence would be advised.  As for Supreme Court Judge Seamus Woulfe, he should have got the message by now – your behaviour placed you in a position where you should have immediately resigned.  By your refusal to do so and now having this farcical investigation by former Chief Justice Susan Denham, you are bringing the Supreme Court itself into disrepute.  Good for former District Court Judge Sean McBride in calling you out. It is a pity that more members of the legal fraternity haven’t put their heads about the parapet and screamed enough is enough.

On a more serious note, nothing is more shocking than the behaviour of Donald Trump.  In a book by Bob Woodward, the legendary journalist, it is revealed that the President knew all about Covid-19 on February 7th.  Not only that, but he knew it was deadly and airborne.  This is mind-blowing stuff.  Just think about it.  If he had immediately swung into action garnering the forces available to the Federal Government, providing true leadership to the nation and getting the State Governors on board, think about the tens of thousands of lives that would have been saved.  This is despicable behaviour on an epic scale.  His utterly pathetic excuse is that he didn’t want people to panic.  From that very moment he misled and lied to the American people.  There is no escaping this because Woodward got it all on tape.  Even more astonishing was that Trump had got much of his information on the severity of the virus the previous day from President Xi Jinping of China.  Joe Biden described it as “disgusting”, but to put it really into context let me quote William Haseltine, one of America’s most respected health care professionals:- “ We have killed 180,000 of our fellow Americans because we have not been honest with the truth.  We have not planned, and even today we’re ignoring the threat that lies ahead”.  I’ve written much about Trump but surely this is the most damning indictment.  By his negligence he qualifies as a mass murderer.  By his own words he is condemned.   I pray to God that on November 7th the American people throw him out of office and that thereafter he faces the full rigours of the law, courtesy of the Southern District of New York.

Turning from a matter of life and death to the seemingly eternal problems with Brexit, in some respect I was not surprised by the latest actions of the British government.  When Boris Johnson was initially explaining the arrangements for Northern Ireland where goods were moving to and from the mainland, he appeared not to have read the legislation or was ignoring it.  I made a note to myself at the time, Trouble Ahead.  You have to understand the Brexiteer mind.  They see the EU almost as an imperial power seeking to undermine their sovereignty.  Choppy seas ahead.

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