An Eclectic Tipple

Browne’s Bar is an eclectic space which ties in the Castle history and Rock and Roll.

Fun Filled

Full of fun memorabilia from concerts held over the years the room was actually the home to the Castle house keeper Mary Browne, who for many years ran the household for Conyngham family. Browne’s Bar is the ideal choice for a lighter or more informal meal.

Opening Hours
Thursday to Saturday: 10:30am - 11.30pm
Sunday to Wednesday: 10:30am - 8.00pm

These hours are seasonal and subject to change.

For reservations, please phone 041 988 4477 or email:

Suiting all Tastes

In the evenings, the bar provides a warm and intimate atmosphere in which to enjoy a pre or post-restaurant dinner beverage. As you would expect our bar offers a wide range of drinks to suit all tastes be it whiskeys, fine wines, cocktails and much more. When the weather is fine you can take pleasure in the courtyard with picturesque views of the estate.

Full All Day menu and Cocktail List available. Subject to availability.

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adjective: snug; comparative adjective: snugger; superlative adjective: snuggest
comfortable, warm, and cosy; well protected from the weather or cold.

Come and relax in our dedicated Rock n’ Roll Snug at Browne’s Bar where you can comfortably sit and sip a glass of Slane Whiskey whilst taking in some of the wondrous memorabilia that the family have collected over the years.